A few days ago, the video of residential committee staff eating Swiss rolls in the Yulan Qingyuan neighborhood caused heated discussions among mainland netizens. The incident was investigated shortly after. According to Da Ji Yuan newspaper, the person who shot the video was later detained.

On May 16th, the Xujing Town Epidemic Prevention and Control officials responded that community staff in other areas sent the Swiss rolls to those in Yulan Qingyuan neighborhood.

However, the officials’ response enraged mainland netizens. A person analyzed that the Yulan Qingyuan neighborhood was classified as restricted control area. It means that either people or takeaways from other locations are permitted to access the community. How come the Swiss rolls from other areas could get inside the place?

Others asserted that people had long complained about the neighborhood committee. Swiss rolls are just a fuse. Some criticized the authorities, arguing that while state officials are free to do as they want, citizens are not allowed to speak out.

Residents of Yulanqingyuan reported an online submission that takeaway, express delivery, and group purchases had been stopped since the closure on May 7. Materials are not allowed to enter the community, including dispensing medicines for many people.

According to the submission, the people had received bread, a few eggplants, garlic, peppers, and other vegan dishes. They said the food wasn’t enough for less than two days during the ten-day lockdown. The neighborhood committee decided to distribute cup noodles to the residents on May 14. On the same day, people caught three women staff eating swiss rolls in the office.

Conflicts between the starving residents and staff neighborhood communities have been growing, especially regarding food distribution and prevention management. Many videos taken by Shanghai residents showing food being thrown away or stored in community offices have recently received attention on the internet.

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