On the morning of July 9, a knife attack occurred in Shanghai Ruijin Hospital. The footage shows people fleeing from the hospital in panic. 

According to Shanghai Huangpu Police report, a man attacked people with a knife on the seventh floor of the hospital. Four people were injured and treated, but none of them are in life-threatening condition. The police shot and wound the offender, who is now in custody. The police report does not mention the cause of the incident.

A video posted on July 10 went viral, and netizens suspect the man in the video is responsible for the attack. In the video, a man named Wang He Ru denounces that his son Wang Le died due to medical malpractice in Shanghai Ruijin Hospital.

According to the hospital, his son’s death was caused by diabetic ketoacidosis. [video 3:13- 4:06]

Users on social media say that the number of people injured in the attack is much higher than reported. 

A man asked to quarantine for being in an online karaoke group in Shanghai

According to Da Ji Yuan, an anti-epidemic staff member called a man to go on quarantine for joining an online karaoke group in Shanghai.

The staff who contacted the man was from the Qingpu District Center for Disease Control and Prevention. She called because his name was on a list of people who went to a karaoke location. 

But the man answered that he didn’t go to any karaoke location. In that case, measures needed to be re-determined, and his case would be managed according to a second contact, the staff said. 

At this time, she asked: You didn’t go, so how do you have the place code? How are you in this group?

The man said: Yes, I am in this group! Being in a group is not illegal, right? Can the virus spread through the Internet? 

In fact, he was in the karaoke group but didn’t go to any karaoke location. He has not chatted in that group for two or three years. However, the community police also brought the list and told him to quarantine at home before. 

He believes that people are being quarantined indiscriminately. He works every day until 11 o’clock or -12 o’clock. He does not have enough time to hang out, he added.

Internet users also commented enthusiastically on this story. User Saitama said in a mocking tone, “The virus has evolved again and can spread via internet cable and wifi.” Another said, “The Chinese virus has evolved to be able to spread in online groups. Don’t ask if you believe it or not, just ask if you are afraid.” 

Lanzhou implements spraying against Covid

According to the Information Office of the Lanzhou Municipal People’s Government report on July 11, the city has reported 10 local confirmed cases. Including 9 cases in Chengguan District and 1 in Qilihe District; 45 asymptomatic people, including 39 in Chengguan District, 1 in Qilihe District, and 5 in Anning District. Existing local confirmed cases and asymptomatic people are all isolated for treatment.

A Twitter video uploaded on July 11 shows disinfection work going on throughout Lanzhou station, which is crowded.

Many “big whites” have been deployed to spray disinfectant everywhere. They are still trying to achieve the government’s “zero covid” goal.

As per CNN, experts say transmission of the virus via contaminated surfaces is exceptionally low; sanitizing outdoor areas such as parks and city streets is pointless and could even pose a danger to public health.

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