The Korean Netflix original horror drama “Squid Game” has recently become popular worldwide. The plot of on-demand killing and organ trafficking is taken from a real-life scene.

The horror scene of a doctor colluding with game staff to dig out the contestant’s organs for sale is very realistic in this drama. The scene immediately caught the attention of the mainstream media.

The British Daily Telegraph published a lengthy report about China’s real-life squid game. Thousands of Chinese people have their organs stolen every week, and questions have been raised about why the rest of the world can’t do anything about it.

Zeng Zheng , a Korean citizen, said that the scene of killing people and selling organs in “Squid Game” might be related to the Japanese documentary “Kill to Live.” A Korean reporter ventured deep into China to conduct field investigations and filmed it on the spot. It used strong evidence to prove that the Chinese government has been killing people and selling their organs.

Zeng Zheng added that the real-life version of organ harvesting is crueler and scarier than “Squid Game.” It is still going on today.

According to Zeng, in April 2000, she was arrested for the fourth time in Beijing for practicing Falun Gong. She and the others had to undergo multiple physical examinations, especially related to the condition of the internal organs. The data is stored in the computer. When someone needs a particular organ, officials will search the database for a match. If they find a suitable one, that person will be killed, and the required organs will be taken out and sold for big money.

Similar to “Squid Game,” no one believes in the truth. Zeng Zheng said that the police and others didn’t think about it and asked for proof. Such absurd things are still happening today.

There is already much evidence, some of which have been certified by the court.

In addition, the scenes in the movie also make viewers think of the “pointing system” in the Chinese government’s labor camps. This game is to make two people become opponents and kill each other, and only one of the two can survive. Likewise, in the Chinese government’s labor camps, inmates compete with each other for scores to get reduced sentences.

Zeng Zheng said in an interview that the CCP does not allow Falun Gong practitioners to fall asleep in labor camps. It wants to drive every prisoner crazy.
Squid Game” became a global sensation shortly after its broadcast, and it has topped the charts in 94 countries, also winning acclaim at the 74th Emmy Awards.

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