According to the South China Morning Post, a Chinese influencer is under fire for claiming she spent 22,000 dollars a day and traveled by helicopter.

Known as Wang Chengcheng, in her most recent post, she shared a video with her three million followers on the video app Douyin. In the video, she was posing as a wealthy lady with a police helicopter.

The incident faced immediate backlash from the public and state media for worshiping money. China’s state-control propaganda outlets criticized her fake lavish style. Her account was suspended shortly after the scandal. 

The South China Morning Post reported that, in her other social media posts, the influencer claimed that she owned a luxury 400-square meter mansion, drove a Rolls-Royce, and spent over 22,000 dollars a day.

She often posts her lavish style or how much she spends. The influencer also claimed her father was a high-ranking police officer, causing many to question how she could have access to a police helicopter and if abusing power to use a state asset happened.

It turned out that her father was a retired low-ranking police officer, and the helicopter is an asset of a private firm where it is leased to local police. The company reportedly stated that she only used the aircraft for videotaping and did not have access to it.

In a previous post on her Douyin account, she said, “I have my own cars, property, and business. I haven’t asked for a penny from my family since I was 22.”

According to mainland media, she spent 10 years studying in Singapore. After graduating from university when she was 22, she returned to Shenyangcity, Liaoning province. She started a business from scratch with a start-up capital of 5 million yuan (740,000 dollars).

She established a milk tea chain store. Many mainland media touted her start-up story at the time, calling her a returnee talent.

She said after 4 years of business, she bought a lavish mansion and a Porsche sports car and saved 200 million yuan (30 million dollars).

She owned 2 companies specializing in milk tea and another in energy technology. But both ventures had been wound up in the past few years.

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