The Education Bureau of Beihai City, Guangxi Province, has assigned students “a special summer exercise,” asking them to mobilize relatives like grandparents to get vaccinated, according to the China newspaper NetEase. A regional government in Beijing said it would stop subsidizing the elderly if they do not keep their vaccine status up to date. Recently, localities in China have issued vaccination targets, and many places are forcing vaccines on people, causing citizens to react angrily.

On July 6, the official WeChat account of “Haicheng District Education Bureau, Beihai City” posted the notice “Special Summer Exercise.” The idea of the exercise is for students to mobilize their grandparents over 60 to get the 1st dose of the vaccine, as the government requires.

The notice also lists the rewards for students for doing so: from July 3 to 30, 2022, students and children who successfully mobilized elderly people over 60 years of age to get the 1st dose vaccination at the Haicheng district vaccination site will receive a certificate of merit “Small bodyguard against epidemic” and a small exquisite gift from the neighborhood committee and the Ministry of Education of Haicheng district.

In addition, the elderly over 60 who have received the 1st vaccine dose can bring their vaccination certificates and ID cards to designated locations in the neighborhoods to receive a bonus of $15 in cash or supermarket vouchers for the same amount.

This government measure has sparked outrage from netizens. Epoch Times has compiled several netizens’ comments: “Children are hostages that can tie up six adults. No wonder (the government) encourages childbirth, a tool to maintain stability for the new generation. If the elderly suffer side effects from vaccination, will those children be haunted for their whole life?

Another said: “It’s really an all-purpose hostage. When people with young children hear that defending their rights and complaints will affect the university entrance exam, the PhD exam, civil service exam, save their children from a blacklist, they dare not say, it’s a trick that kill two birds with one stone.”

Another person told the story of their loved ones: “Outside they say voluntary vaccination, inside they are determined to set targets, my uncle’s daughter goes to school, the school requires each student to meet the target of 10 vaccinated people, so she went to tell my parents to vaccinate, I was very angry after hearing, netizens are not wrong when they say they made students to be hostages to force adults.”

A village committee in Beijing ordered to stop distributing welfare to the elderly who do not vaccinate

In addition to the vaccination norms set by Beihai City, Guangxi Province, compulsory vaccinations have also occurred in Beijing.

On July 6, the article “a village in Beijing plans to stop distributing welfare to the whole family who has over-60-year-olds not vaccinated” attracted wide attention on various Chinese social platforms.

According to an online document, the Committee of Hazhongyuan Village, Hancunhe Town, Fangshan District, Beijing issued an “important notice” on July 5, requiring all villagers to vaccinate, except for those undergoing radiation therapy for cancer or undergoing kidney dialysis. They may remain unvaccinated.

The document published online states: “After research, the village committee decided that if those over 60 years old in Hazhongyuan village do not get vaccinated, the welfare of their whole family (such as gifts of bottled water, noodles, and oil on holiday occasions, pensions for the elderly over 70 years old, orchard dividends,…) will cease.

Regarding this issue, reporter Yi Cai phoned the committee of Hazhongyuan village, Hancunhe town, to inquire, and the relevant staff in charge of epidemic prevention and control explained that this is a “propaganda method” and vaccination is still based on the “voluntary” principle.

In response to the case, “a village in Beijing intends to stop providing welfare to the whole family of people over 60 years old who do not have COVID-19 vaccination”, the government of Hancunhe town, Fangshan District, Beijing has told Yicai on 7/7 that for “inappropriate measures,” they had asked Xiazhongyuan Village to seriously review and immediately withdraw the notice.

In addition, on June 15, Nansheng village, Tuolin town, Fengxian District, Shanghai city issued a notice stating if the elderly over 60 years old cannot provide a doctor’s certificate for exemption and remain unvaccinated, the village committee will cancel household welfare, rice subsidies, and gifts on the Chong Yang holiday on September 9.

Many places in Beijing ban unvaccinated from entering public places

It is worth mentioning that cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Fujian, and others have recently issued notices requiring all residents to be vaccinated when going to public places.

The Beijing government announced on April 18 that as of mid-April, the first dose vaccine rate for those over 60 in Beijing had reached 80.6%, and the booster vaccination rate had reached 80%. However, some older people still have not been vaccinated, and some have had two doses in six months but still have not received booster injections.

On July 6, Beijing authorities announced that from July 11, people entering crowded places such as offline training facilities and cinemas must be vaccinated. In addition, elderly people entering nursing homes must achieve “as many vaccinations as possible.”

For safety reasons, a resident over 60 years old in Xicheng district, Beijing (pseudonym Li Fen) told the Epoch Times on July 8, “My family members were also urged to vaccinate by phone calls from the neighborhood committee. Forcing us 60-year-olds to get vaccinated, I think that’s too much, and there is no legal requirement for compulsory vaccination.”

The Chinese government’s compulsory vaccination has caused controversy on mainland China’s social media platforms.

Epoch Times compiled some comments: “Why can’t we go to public places! The experimental vaccine is not even a second-class vaccine; why is it mandatory! You guys are blatantly breaking the law! Are your vaccines working? All kinds of measures to force vaccination, how is that voluntary!?”

“Since the development of the vaccine until now, how many people infected with COVID-19 have been vaccinated before, what is the disease incidence when not vaccinated? Is it possible to make relevant reports for the public to see? Please give scientific evidence to convince the public!”

“Do injections prevent infection? Do you still get nucleic acid tests after injections? Are you still quarantined after injections? Do you admit any side effects after getting injections?”

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