The South China Morning Post reported on April 29 that Wang Sicong, son of Dalian Wanda billionaire Wang Jianlin, was removed from Weibo.

Dalian Wanda is China’s largest real estate development company, and the world’s largest movie theater operator.

On April 27, a notice on the platform showed that it was because of Wang Sicong’s “violation of related laws and regulations.”

According to state-media Global Times, in the latest post on his account on April 14, Wang Sicong had questioned whether the WHO had ever recommended Lianhua Qingwen to treat COVID-19. Lianhua Qingwen is Chinese herbal medicine.

Wang also called on authorities to investigate the medicine’s manufacturer, Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical. Still, shortly after that, he quickly deleted the comment.

However, as of April 19, Yiling Pharmaceuticals’ market value fell by 15 billion yuan (over $2 billion) due to Wang’s remarks.

After Shanghai imposed a citywide Covid-19 lockdown, Wang expressed his frustrations. He condemned the government’s policy of mandatory testing in the 26-million-people city.

Also, he described the COVID-19 test as a test of people’s “submissiveness.” As a result, he also refused to do the COVID test from that time on.

On April 19, Wang’s Weibo account, with more than 40 million followers, was temporarily banned from posting. After that, however, his Weibo account was permanently removed.

Wang Sicong spent the majority of his time studying abroad. He studied philosophy at University College in London. In 2009, he then returned to China. Wang, nicknamed China’s “national husband,” became a public figure when he launched Weibo the following year.

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