On July 10, thousands of depositors who lost their money, held a rally in front of the People’s Bank of China in Zhengzhou, Henan. They protest against the government’s collusion with the criminal gang to beat depositors.

In this demonstration, protestors hold various banners, accusing the “government in alliance with criminal gangs to beat depositors,” condemning the “corruption of the Henan government,” calling on people to “anti-oppression” and strive for “human rights and the rule of law.” Some banners show the slogan “Freedom, Equality, Fairness.”

The depositors also accuse the Communist Party Secretary of Henan province Lou Yangsheng of taking advantage of his relations with government officials to run “disciplinary centers, no-visit villages, and red codes.” Besides, he has implemented a “Three-zero policy,” including “Zero Petitions, Zero Accidents, Zero Cases” to keep things under wraps. 

The protestors pull out a banner, showing “400,000 depositors have shattered the Chinese Dream,” referring Xi Jinping’s “Chinese Dream,” 

They shout name of Chinese Premier, “Li Keqiang, return my money!”, “Li Keqiang, check Henan!”.

Thousands of police in uniforms and plainclothes rush into the demonstration site and clash with demonstrators, causing chaos like a battlefield.

Many depositors get injured. Some have bleeding in eyes; some suffer painful bleeding mouths. A disabled man is beaten to the point of a coma. 

Police in white attack the mass, kicking and beating protestors along the way.

A protestor is so angry that he hangs himself to death on a tree.

Many people were arrested and taken into a bus.

In recent months, the fraud of 4 village banks in Henan has left deposits of 400,000 households disappeared. Depositors keep protesting for their rights to retrieve money. However, they have constantly suffered oppression from local police and unidentified forces. Authorities even used anti-epidemic measures to turn the mobile phones of depositors into red codes to restrict their travel.

After the demonstration, as of 1:30 the same day, the demonstration venue has been cleared. The street has washed the blood away as if nothing happened.

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