According to Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the nature of the CCP is deceitful, malicious, and it promotes class struggle. Class struggle is the main element of this organization, but it also has deceit at its heart and malice for the people it controls. These are tools that the CCP uses to maintain its life.

Since its birth, the CCP has continuously used propaganda techniques to deceive the Chinese people, forcing them to believe that the CCP is good, so they help this evil force maintain its power.

Spreading slogans is one of the effective propaganda methods that the CCP has used over the past several decades. 

In the book “Dissolving the Culture of China’s Communist Party,” the CCP uses slogans in its propaganda for two reasons. First, the slogan is always short, easy to read, easy to remember, and has a direct and lasting effect. Second, because slogans are often short, there is no space for debate, so they can hide unreasonable flaws in the policies and theories that the CCP propagates.

Next are six slogans that have helped the CCP deceive the Chinese people. But these actually bring suffering to the Chinese people.

1. Viva

The CCP always tries to make the people understand that it is the savior of the country and the Chinese people. To force the people to remember and form a kind of notion that the CCP is good and that the CCP is the only force qualified to lead China, it creates slogans for the people to praise it.

To avoid being dragged into the light, the CCP cleverly confuses people between it and China. By “hiding” such subtleties, the people will mistakenly think that the CCP is China. Therefore, to love the country is to love the CCP, and to love the CCP is to love the country, thereby devoting allegiance to the CCP without knowing it.

In the propaganda of self-praise, the CCP also distracts attention from itself. This organization makes people support its life without knowing it, praising it without knowing it.

For example, the CCP spreads slogans like “Long live the People’s Republic of China.” Everyone knows that the “People’s Republic of China” was established and controlled by the CCP. 

Therefore, the Chinese people’s praise of this state for “longevity” is inadvertently praising the CCP and wanting it to be immortal. 

2. Plowers have fields

Most of the Chinese people before the birth of the CCP were farmers. To gather forces, the CCP promoted the spread of the slogan “Plowers have fields” with the implication that, according to CCP, people will have land.

In essence, this slogan calls on poor people who want to quickly get out of poverty to follow CCP to rob the rich. In this way, CCP has fooled many people.

It is estimated that the CCP ordered the deaths of about 2 million landowners to steal land. But in the end, CCP followers who robbed land were not allowed to own the “trophy” because immediately after the land grabs, the CCP gathered the people and put them into cooperatives.

The looted land was exchanged for public property, and in essence, the people were the same as before because they were still not allowed to own any land. Actually, their lives were even more miserable because they were forced to join cooperatives, with the production mechanism eliminating the incentive to produce.

3. Resistance to the US, aid to North Korea

To create a safe corridor to protect itself from Western influence, the CCP wanted to establish a communist state in northern Korea. So it helped the communist forces in the neighboring country to oppose the forces that pursued the values of democracy and freedom. 

To convince the Chinese people to support its plan, the CCP launched the slogan “Resistance to the U.S., aid to North Korea.”

Behind this slogan, the CCP carried out a propaganda campaign to smear the United States. The CCP has convinced the Chinese people that the United States is a bloodthirsty demon waging a war to invade Korea. As a result, the Chinese people believed that it was necessary to send troops to save the Koreans from danger.

The CCP has sent 3 million troops to North Korea. By the time the sides had agreed to a cease-fire, up to 180,000 Chinese soldiers were dead.

4. Hundred of flowers bloom

According to the Nine Commentaries, in the mid-1950s, Mao Zedong, then the CCP’s leader, sought to destroy those who he thought were capable of posing a threat to the CCP.

Mao and the CCP identified advocates of democracy, human rights, and ideological differences from the CCP as subjects to purge. Therefore, the CCP devised the slogan, “Let a hundred flowers bloom. Let a hundred schools of thought contend.”

Specifically, the CCP propagates that now the Party encourages freedom of speech and freedom to contribute ideas to the Party. However, after a while, the CCP suddenly arrested all those who voiced opinions for the CCP or expressed personal views other than the atheist ideology that the CCP worships.

When questioned, Mao did not hesitate to admit that this was a scheme to trap people the CCP wanted to suppress.

5. Exceeding the UK, catching the USA

In 1958, Mao demanded that China’s steel production overtake Britain in 15 years and catch up with the United States in 50 years. 

Mao’s request was the premise for the CCP to launch the slogan “Exceeding the UK, catching the USA” and he launched the Great Leap Forward.

With the establishment of people’s communes for steelmaking, agriculture was no longer the focus. Crop failures occurred on a large scale, creating a Great Chinese Famine that lasted 3 years (1959-1961).

Academics estimate that the number of people that starved to death because of the slogan “Exceeding the UK, catching the USA” after the Great Leap Forward was between 20 million and 30 million people.

6. Wipe out demons, gods

From 1966 to 1976, the CCP came up with the slogan “Wipe out demons and gods” to spark the most brutal Cultural Revolution in human history.

To erase what was different from the CCP’s atheist ideology, Mao and his comrades targeted the 5,000-year-old traditional culture that worshiped the God of the Chinese nation.

In about 10 years, the CCP almost completely burned down all temples and destroyed valuable ancient texts all over China. This behavior has severed the connection between the Chinese people and traditional culture, leaving them with only one choice to turn to the CCP’s atheism.

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