On June 22, footage spread on the Chinese internet showed an unusual owl in Chengdu, Sichuan which caused everyone to get excited.

Owls are nocturnal birds, but this owl’s special feature is that it doesn’t show any fear and stands in front of the people who are filming. It  kept lowering its head and from its big eyes and manner people thought it was trying to tell them something.

People were surprised about it. 

A video shows the man laughing and said:

(quote)”It’s like a doll! It looks so honest! It isn’t afraid of people!” (unquote) [0:06-0:15]

(quote) “It’s working as a model! So good! Like a doll!” (unquote) [0:20- 0:26 ]

According to Sina, the ancients in China  believed the owls were connected to disease and death. They even regarded owls as “ominous birds.” 

There are also many proverbs about owls, the one most commonly heard is “the night owl into the house, nothing to come,” and “not afraid of owl call, afraid of owl laugh.”

There have been strange animal-related phenomena in China for the past few days.

A video indicates the phenomena taking place on June 17. Many toads are crawling from one side of the road to the other, then climbing up towards the mountain.

In another area, hundreds of snails are crawling from the river onto the road surface. The video shows them spread across the entire road for quite a distance, creating a scary scene.

Another video posted online on June 18 shows many quite large fish jumping out of the water simultaneously, stirring up the water surface and creating a spectacular scene.

Social platform users who uploaded these two videos warned people living in this area to be careful because these animals are very sensitive to unusual changes.

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