The epidemic in Guang’an city, Sichuan province, has worsened, with the number of infected cases increasing daily.

According to the official figures, Guang’an City has reported over 900 local infections within ten days, from May 9 to May 18.

The city’s authorities announced they are imposing traffic control across the region from May 19. Meanwhile, employees in the city’s government departments, enterprises, and institutions have been ordered to remain at their workplaces under closed-loop management.

Residents are not allowed to go out unless necessary, and leaving Guang’an is prohibited.

On the same day, Guang’an city also announced the construction of the Guang’an City Emergency Headquarters. At the same time, within 48 hours, Huatai Hospital would be converted into a makeshift hospital with about 100,000 beds to treat patients.

According to the Sichuan Provincial Health and Health Commission, the epidemic situation in Guang’an has been the most serious in Sichuan Province since the first flare-up in Wuhan.

The source of this outbreak remains unknown, but the genetic sequencing showed that it is Omicron BA.2.2. The variant has the same structure as the case returning from Shanghai, and the community transmission has occurred on a rising scale since the time of discovery.

Linshui County is the most severely affected area in Guang’an, with the highest number of cases centering on Dingping Town. So far, this 1.01 million-resident county has reported three medium-risk areas.

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