According to News, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake in Luding district, Sichuan province, caused a hotel to collapse and four people to be buried in the rubble.

The hotel’s owner, Xu, said that one person died and three people were rescued.

Among the survivors was a woman who had been buried in the rubble for five hours.

The woman’s son thought she was dead and intended to bury her, but discovered she was still alive. The lucky woman is now safe and being treated at the hospital.

The collapsed hotel has a total of 6 floors made mainly of wood. The earthquake severely damaged the first and second floors of the hotel.

The earthquake in the Luding district occurred at approximately 13:00 on September 5, with a focal depth of 16 kilometers. The capital Chengdu and other parts of Sichuan also felt the tremors caused by this earthquake.

At the time of this news on September 6, the SCMP reported the death toll had risen to 66, about 250 hundred were injured. The number of victims is expected to rise, as there are at least 15 people missing.

This is the worst earthquake to hit Sichuan since 2017.

Roads and houses near the epicenter have been damaged; communication has also been disrupted or affected.

Sichuan is a province with many large hydropower projects in China. So far, there have been no reports of damage to dams or hydroelectric power stations within 50 kilometers of the epicenter.

However, the earthquake caused damage to the local power grid. Currently, at least 40,000 electricity users have been interrupted.

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