As the date of the 20th National Congress of the CCP approaches, repression is increasing in Beijing, where the transient population has been eliminated, and the repression of anti-Party comments is leading citizens to jail.

Recently, an internet user on the Weibo social network said, referring to the “zero-COVID” policy and city lockdowns, “If you kill everyone, there will be no epidemic.”

Immediately the surprise was great when the official account of the Sichuan Communist League replied, “We support the proposal!

Weibo netizen Menghufe made the joke, but it was taken seriously and spread by the communists with the real possibility of building such a public policy. Menghufe was censored, and so was the page of the Sichuan Red League.

Days before this tragic comment, on October 11, the Weibo page of the reactionary youth, known as, “Love Shaanxi Plus,” had mentioned that due to the control over the pandemic, many high schools suspended their face-to-face classes.

This caused the anti-Party mood to escalate, with one Weibo user, nicknamed Yu Lu Carp, saying, “It is impossible to permanently close all public places, or ban an entire country from leaving home. The pandemic is over, isn’t it, so support “making bean paste for those who say no.”

Referring to the joke circulating on the internet, compares “making bean paste” to COVID-19 sufferers, or those who opposed the total shutdown, a comment 100% supported by the Sichuan Communist League.

It is incredible, but not impossible, that Chinese communists have supported and made public policy the sarcastic slogan on social networks, “If everyone is bean paste (killed), there will be no pandemic.”

According to statistics stated by the independent magazine, Caixin, 103 cities in 26 provinces had COVID outbreaks in early September, a record that surpassed 2020.

In October, 33 cities and 7 provincial capitals have been closed for Sars/COVID 2 outbreaks, affecting the lives of 65 million inhabitants, including Sichuan, where the Garzi earthquake caused material damage and loss of life.

Chinese authorities decreed as of October 12, that the cities of Mabian Yi, Leshan, Sichuan, Tianquan County, Ya’an City, Pugne County, Liangshan Prefecture, Yingshan County, Nanchong City, and Jiange County will be closed.

Tension in Sichuan has escalated sharply following its Communist Youth League’s support for the “killing” people with COVID, or those who do not support the measures.

What started as a joke on a social network and ended up being supported by the communists has left a bitter taste in the mouths of the inhabitants of that city.

That is why one citizen, surnamed Liao, told La Voz de América, “When I come back from work I am worried about my family who got sick with the pandemic.”

The social situation in China heats up due to ‘zero COVID’ policy

The CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy has slowed the economy, the Asian giant is beginning a downward curve of stock market indicators, and the real estate bubble caused by the Evergrande corporation is threatening to burst, yet the Chinese regime’s response is more repression.

The impact of 1.4 million bankrupt Evergrande properties has left a huge social hole. Every month demonstrations are held in front of the corporation’s headquarters in Shenzhen.

Evergrande’s debt of around $300 billion, expired on September 23, and the interest payments, around $83.5 million, also did not reach creditors, made the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) shake.

So the global rating agency, Standard and Poor’s, has put the communist company in the red basket, and this has caused its share price to fall by 80%.

Evergrande owns 1,300 projects in more than 280 cities and is China’s largest real estate developer, but it has been crippled by the “zero-COVID” policy.

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