China’s dynamic zero-COVID policy has hurt all industries, but it has also created a vibrant and dominant nucleic acid testing industry. The China Nucleic Acid Industry Forum recently praised the “Prosperous Age of Nucleic Acids.” Beijing-linked genomics giant BGI celebrated the breakthrough of one million nucleic acid tests in Lhasa. All of these made the Chinese public even more discontent with the Government’s harsh COVID measures.

“Prosperous Age of Nucleic Acids”

China’s normalized large-scale Covid testing policy takes a lot of work and costs a lot of money, but it also brings in a lot of money. A few days ago, an online poster for the “2022 Nucleic Acid Drug Industry Summit (Hangzhou) Forum” went up. The poster reads, “Tonight in the Prosperous Age of Nucleic Acids: To discuss the future of the industry together.” The forum was set to take place in early November.

After it was online, the “prosperous age of nucleic acids” claimed on the poster drew much criticism.

Beijing’s official newspaper, “Beijing News,” ran an article with the title “‘Nucleic Acid Prosperity’ is just another ‘low-level red’ and ‘high-level black.'” The “Nucleic Acid Prosperity” only seemed to provoke or even hurt public sentiment. 

A WeChat account with the name Lao Xiao Zashuo wrote that the organizer was reprimanded for this, but the public was not to blame. People have been in pain for a long time because of nucleic acid testing. He said you could start your forum no matter what you think, but you have to call it Prosperity, which is a clear way to play with people’s emotions.

The article asked: What does “prosperous age” mean? Whose “prosperous age” is it? Who is saying “prosperous age” and how do they feel? “Does putting all kinds of trouble on my people make you happy for a moment?”

The WeChat user thinks that people talking freely about a “prosperous age” might not consider it over.

The article also said that as many netizens were unhappy with the news, the theme of this forum had changed to “Tonight’s Meeting of Nucleic Acid Talents: To Discuss the Future of the Industry Together.”

This commentary was taken down from the official website of “Beijing News” on the same day, and other party media that reprinted it also got a “404” error.

On the same day, the organizer also suddenly announced that the forum was canceled by the decision of the organizing committee.

BGI’s 1 million COVID tests celebration

Similar to the “Prosperity of Nucleic Acids,” a heated image of a cake is trendy online. It belongs to BGI—a Shenzhen-based genomics company with alleged links to the Chinese Government.

 The cake has the words, “Celebrating Lhasa Fire Eye Laboratory breaking 1 million tests”. People on the Internet mocked the BGI cake, “Is the human blood cake tasty?”

Lhasa Fire Eye Laboratory was set up solely for Covid-19 testing.

According to Chinese language media Xin Tang Ren , under strict Zero-COVID measures, almost all industries run by Beijing are in decline. But a few that have something to do with “COVID measures” have seen profits soar and continued to grow. 

People thought that Beijing’s insistence on Zero-COVID was tied to internal political struggles and the interests of CCP elites in related industries. Many Chinese people don’t dare criticize the CCP, so they take their anger out on the nucleic acid industry and other businesses.

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