In autumn, when Chinese students go back to school, it is also a time they take part in mandatory military courses.

As reported by Chinese media, military training is not only required of secondary school and university students in Guangxi, but it is also required of elementary school students. The curriculum for this training differs from that of schools in other provinces and cities.

Many videos recently show a harsh military training environment for elementary school students in Guangxi compared to Taiwan’s frogmen training courses.

Primary school students between the ages of 6 and 12 not only have to carry “shoulder-fired rocket launcher live fire” but also learn how to ignite the “launching mortar.” Breathing and water-diving exercises are also trained.

In addition, these students also have to suck the knife with their mouth, wield the rifle and crawl through the mud. Afterward, high-pressure water is sprayed on the children’s faces to test their endurance. Not only did they learn how to use the weapons, but they also had to practice carrying heavy loads. Many children cry while performing these tasks.

An article in Chinese media said that the image of military training for elementary students in Guangxi shocked both Chinese and foreigners. Such training courses are supposed to increase the patriotism of the students. It is also shown that “When the youth is strong, the country is strong.”

According to a report published on Chinese media Sina in July, there have been at least six cases of sudden deaths of students while participating in military training in recent years.

The report also mentions that a 10% faint rate seems common during military training for junior and senior high school students. This has raised great concern among parents.

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