Recently, a video went viral on Weibo—a Chinese Twitter-like platform. It shows anti-epidemic personnel throwing supplies into a garbage truck. The footage quickly caught widespread attention.

The video posted by account shows a staff wearing white protective clothing, also known as Dabai, throwing the piled-up supplies into a garbage truck. 

Most items are vegetables, fruits, and other daily necessities purchased online by community residents, including a bucket of unopened peanut oil. 

The behavior of the pandemic prevention staff aroused the anger of residents.

Some posted: Not even the most basic awareness of life.

Another commented: If the host dies, there will be no virus and starve to death.

Some lamented: The advantage of wearing protective clothing is that others don’t know who you are when you are photographed.

The same incident also happened in Shanghai. The government quietly blocked people from collecting materials or products, and the food they bought was blatantly thrown away. After the news was revealed to the public, they slightly apologized without compensation.

The Chinese authorities have followed the “dynamic clearing” strategy since the first half of this year. They have adopted widespread silent management or lockdown in many areas, ordering people not to leave their houses. This measure leads to a scarcity of food and supplies, malnutrition, and problems accessing medical care.

The Xinjiang city of Korla recognizes that its response time is too slow and that the high-risk regions are too big. The result is that people are trapped inside for too long, contributing to certain citizens’ emotional instability, besides all the other issues.

The city of Lhasa, Tibet, apologized for making people wait due to limited nucleic acid detection capability, ineffective transfer organization, and late code assignment.

However, many people were unsatisfied with the government’s apologies. They left notes saying it is useless for authorities to travel to Urumqi, Korla, Ili, and Lhasa to apologize.

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