On Feb. 7, Professor Yoichi Shimada of Fukui Prefectural University, one of Shinzo Abe’s think-tanks, said that Japan is now under the problematic situation of double attack from North Korea and China.

He also points out that the government enhancing the attack capability against enemy bases and military exercises is insufficient. For example, Japan should launch a devastating attack on China’s command center if China invaded.

Shimada concluded that this attack might be controversial, but it would be the least costly and most effective and would scare and even frighten China and North Korea.

The Chinese regime passed the Marine Police Law on Feb. 1 of last year, allowing the Marine Police Bureau to forcibly remove foreign vessels illegally entering so-called Chinese seas and use firearms against them if they do not obey commands.

Japanese Coast Guard officials said 18 incidents of Chinese Coast Guard vessels approaching Japanese fishing boats were confirmed last year, up from eight. In addition, there were 34 cases of Chinese vessels intruding into territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands last year, ten more than the previous year.

On Sept. 16, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi told CNN that Japan would retaliate against China’s threats in the Senkaku Islands and other East China Sea locations, including ship-to-ship and other actions if necessary.

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