1. Shenzhen Futian has new area under lockdown, locals facing food shortage

On the evening of June 25, the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Futian District, Shenzhen, issued a notice. Futian District will delineate the closure and control areas in Futian Street, such as Gangxia Village Dongsanfang, Building 161-165, and Building 181-182.

Footage shows stores and catering services in Gangxia, Futian, have been closed. Without food supplies, people would starve to death. (video)

2. Large-scale nucleic acid screening in Nanping, Zhuhai

On June 25, in Beishan Village, Nanping Town, Zhuhai City, thousands of people with yellow health codes underwent nucleic acid testing. Control and prevention areas are required to assign a yellow code three times a week. (video)

3. Shanghai: Having dinner at a restaurant violates anti-epidemic laws

The Shanghai Municipal Trade Commission issued a “Reminder on further strengthening epidemic prevention and control to city residents” on June 20. Its aim was to call for stricter requirements in areas such as catering.

The video shows law enforcement officials staring at a restaurant to control lawbreakers. Restaurant owners who have been exhausted after the city extended lockdown and are now still unable to return to normal business after the lockdown was lifted 3 weeks ago. (video

4. Shanghai: authorities request midnight isolation, children found unattended

Locals shared a video on social media and accused the authorities of taking them from Jinqiao to Pudian at midnight to isolate them.

It was still raining at the destination, but they were unnoticed and unattended, although some children were there. The youngest is only a one-month-old baby. At first, the staff told them they would be quarantined for free, but then they were asked for money. The place where they are isolated is in a bad condition. It is semi-decorated and the smell of paint inside is very strong. (video)

5. Macau: Everyone waiting to be quarantined

On June 25, at the Fang Cabin Hospital in Macau, young and old waited for more than ten hours, but there were no arrangements. The staff gave no information, only prolonged the time and asked everyone to wait. (video)

6. ‘Touching porcelain’ irony

A video shows residents facing anti-epidemic staff dressed in hazmat suits, also known as “Big White.” People reacted by touching one “Big White,” and he fell to the ground. The residents laughed and praised his acting as “touching porcelain.” In Chinese, “touching porcelain” refers to letting people deliberately break their things or hurt themselves to take advantage of blackmail. (video)(video)

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