Imagine what would be like working in the office knowing that every single movement is being monitored. An unnamed company in China’s Shenzhen 深圳 city was ready to do just that until attention from the online community turned down the idea. 

Last week, several pictures that depict an office with surveillance cameras lined up per employee workstation took over the mainland internet. One of them even showed that the cameras could directly oversee the worker’s computer screen.

The scene left many online users in discomfort. Jimu News reported on July 13 that a person said going to work in this environment would be like going to jail. 

However, as a reporter from the news agency did further digging, it turned out the office had not been put in use yet. It belongs to a newly established game development company. It has not been named, registered, or staffed yet. The pictures came from the circle of friends of the business owner. 

Southern Plus reported that the cameras were installed because the company owner worried about the game being leaked before its release time. The firm intended to ask permission from employees during the recruiting process. 

The company, nevertheless, has removed the cameras after receiving cynical response from the online community. Facilitating the devices was not cheap. The news agency reported that it cost more than 10,000 yuan, over 1,480 dollars. 

Abandoning the idea, the company would switch to surveillance software or other methods to prevent leakage of the creative process. A person close to the company said the cost for this might be higher.

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