Baishizhou village is closed for the third time this year. The last time the local authorities announced lifting the lockdown was on July 16. However, the news of closure came out the very next day. 

A video shows Baishizhou village, Nanshan district, Shenzhen city is already under lockdown.

The strict lockdown causes residents to become irritable and out of control. On the early morning of July 18, thousands of people tried to flee the city overnight but failed. A resident of Taining Garden in Shenzhen hacked a security guard to death with a kitchen knife because the security guard prevented him from going out. The man also wounded many other people.

In the video, all residents who attempted to escape from Baishizhou were forced to return; otherwise, they would be given a red code.

The Covid-19 epidemic has resurged in mainland China, spreading to over 20 provinces. As a result, many big cities, such as Shenzhen and Shanghai, have begun large-scale lockdowns and nucleic acid testing.

Shenzhen anti-epidemic workers even do nucleic acid testing of sewers.

Official data show Shenzhen added 14 local confirmed cases and five asymptomatic infections on July 19, making it the most significant single-day increase in this epidemic.

Baishizhou has a land area of 173 acres and is densely populated with more than 3,000 buildings and about 150.000 residents.

Netizens comment that it is like a giant prison, the health code is like an invisible handcuff, and the people have no freedom.

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