According to Chinese media Da Ji Yuan, many people in Kexing Science Park in Shenzhen received yellow health codes on August 24th. People then rushed to line up for nucleic acid testing. Unfortunately, some people fainted from heat stroke while queuing in the hot conditions.

On August 25th, Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission registered six new COVID positive cases at the end of August 24th.

Two cases were recorded in Nanshan District, where Kexing Science and Technology Park is located.

However, Kexing Science and Technology Park wasn’t on the authority’s list of “new case tracks.”

On August 24th, “Shenzhen Kexing Science and Technology Park” became a hot search on Weibo. It is estimated that 100,000 migrant workers suddenly received yellow health codes. These people couldn’t enter the company or return home. As a result, they had to do COVID tests on that day. 

Pictures and videos reveal the crowded area with individuals awaiting COVID testing.

On the same day, Shenzhen Weather reported that the Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory upgraded the typhoon warning signal on August 24th as the No. 9 typhoon “Saddle” approached. As a result, the city would go into typhoon defense mode.

The people lining up had to undergo COVID tests as soon as possible before the typhoon came.

The incident then stirred the public’s dissatisfaction.

The user with the nickname “Eating Robot” wrote: “The girl next to me fainted… It’s been too long.”

Another wrote: I really can’t laugh or cry, my family members suddenly got yellow codes after getting off work, and the nucleic acid is green again after queuing for a long time … I have nucleic acid every day at work, and I can’t understand this operation.

Some netizens even expressed sympathy for this situation: They can’t enter the company, and they can’t go home. However, the scorching heat before the typhoon won’t prevent them from doing nucleic acid because if they don’t do it, they have to sleep on the flyover!

While the rest of the world chose to ease restrictions on COVID pandemics, the Chinese regime continues to maintain its “Zero COVID” policy, sparking public outrage. 

Chongqing officials conducted Covid testing for more than 10 million people on Wednesday, August 24th, in the major urban districts of the city despite the high heat that has reached beyond 40C (104F). Notably, according to VOA News, only two COVID positive cases were found at the end of Wednesday. 

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