On September 13, a blood red moon suddenly appeared in Shenyang, Liaoning province, China, causing netizens to panic. According to Sound Of Hope, some people wondered whether the Northern military region incident is not yet over and a new disaster is ongoing. On September 14, in Tiexi District, where the airbase of the Northern military region is located, there was a sudden COVID outbreak, and authorities quickly tightened controls again.

According to a video posted by Twitter account @tw_tomy_ on September 14, a woman in Shenyang took a video and revealed that on the evening of September 13, she suddenly saw a blood red moon, making her startled and she shouted, “Scared to death, not red because of cell phone, but a blood red moon.”

Just a few days ago, many strange things happened in Shenyang. At around 2 a.m. on September 7, there was the sound of fighter jets flying toward Yuhong Airport, a military airfield belonging to the Northern military region. Some netizens speculated that the army in the Northern military region was fighting, according to Vision Times.

The account @tw_Tomy7 posted a video and said, “At 2 a.m. on September 7 in Shenyang, there was a sound of warplanes flying toward Yuhong airport for unknown reasons, many people heard it.”

Another strange incident is that on September 8, people in Shenyang still heard the sound of warplanes and gunfire. The account @tw_Tomy7 posted a video again and said, “Shenyang still has the gunfire and warplanes sound early this morning, September 8, 2022.”

According to Sina, on September 14, two COVID cases were detected in Tiexi district. As a result, strict measures were immediately implemented.

According to Beijing Daily, starting on September 4, the Tiexi District, has implemented measures to control many roads and districts. The COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters in the area issued a notice saying that in the locked down areas, all nonessential travel and activities will be halted. Except for doing regular PCR tests and shopping for essentials, people are not allowed to leave home.

The notice also clearly stated that those who refuse to comply with regulations during pandemic prevention such as isolate, and take nucleic acid tests, will be strictly dealt with.

From community control and lockdown notices, the pandemic prevention policy has been used by the Chinese Communist Party as a means of maintaining control over the population, according to Sound Of Hope. Any place that needs prevention measures, as long as it has the pandemic, can be locked down and put under martial law.The video posted by the Twitter account @tw_tomy_ showed that on September 14, several communities in Tiexi District were fenced off, and a large number of pandemic prevention workers arrived at the scene to lock down the communities.

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