The Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision announced on March 2 that Liu Aijun and Wang Junbiao were expelled from the communist party and public office.

Liu Aijun, a former member of the Standing Committee of Shanxi Municipal Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee; and Wang Junbiao, former deputy secretary of the Changzhi Municipal Committee and mayor of Changzhi City, received the sentence for allegations of accepting bribes.

The Standing Committee of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection accused Liu Aijun of using his position to accept gifts at New Year’s festivals, weddings, and funerals, using public funds to pay for personal expenses, seeking personal benefits for others, and interfering in judicial cases in violation of the law.

Wang Junbiao was accused of resisting censorship, seeking personal gain and accepting property for others, and conspiring with illegal business people.

China News Weekly reported that, on July 30, 2021, Wang Junbiao was elected mayor of Changzhi City, and the government investigated him 48 days after he took office. Two local people familiar with the matter in Shanxi disclosed that Wang’s investigation might be related to the case of the rural credit system in Shanxi Province. In recent years, many officials of the rural credit system who worked with Wang have been sacked. They include Cui Lianhui, former secretary of the party and chairman of Shanxi Rural Credit Cooperatives Unio. Former vice-chairmen Xing Liangxi and Wang Zhongze, and former deputy secretary of the party committee, Wang Zaisheng.

In Chongqing Province, Zhang Xiaochuan, a former member of the party group and director of the executive bureau of the Chongqing High Court, was expelled from the party and public office for accepting bribes.

Zhang was accused of confronting censorship, seeking personal gain with others, and engaging in large-scale power and money transactions. He used judicial power and executive power as trading chips, illegal lending to obtain large returns, engaging in profit-making activities, unlawful interference, and involvement in judicial activities.

In Heilongjiang Province, Liu Suoxing, former party secretary and president of the Intermediate Court of Heihe City, was also expelled from the party for accepting bribes.

Liu was accused of resisting the censorship, seeking personal gain for relatives and others in the selection and appointment of cadres and employee recruitment. He also received money, engaged in money and sex transactions, illegally intervened and interfered in judicial activities, and participated in gambling.

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