After a long time of lockdown, Shanghai’s lifting has not made the lives of over 25 million residents easier. The authorities’ policies regulating return-to-home or back-to-work burden residents even more. 

Many Shanghai residents are not allowed to return home after quarantine time. According to Da Ji Yuan’s interview, a resident pseudonym Zhang Wei has gone in isolation with her daughter and grandpa since May 17. 

After completing the quarantine on May 24, however, only her daughter and grandpa were allowed to return to Chaibai. The community declined Zhang’s entrance because she lives on Dinghai Street, not Changbai. 

Zhang, who owns both residences on Dinghai and Changbai Street, said she was taken aback by the authorities’ actions. She went on to say that she tried calling many consulting numbers, including 110 and 12345, but that none of them worked.

Changbai’s authority eventually allowed her to enter her community after they couldn’t find her an isolation hotel until midnight. Zhang said that she had spent eight or nine hours outside that day. 

Zhang’s husband is in a similar circumstance. He was rejected to enter the community after volunteering time from April 2 to May 25. The reason was that ‘the community only accepts residents to go out, not enter.’ 

He finally can come into the community after obtaining a negative test result. Sharing with the paper, Zhang said that the authority’s reaction was too cold-blooded as they had spent nearly two months contributing to Shanghai and finally ended up with no home to return.

Zhang and her husband are not the only cases experiencing difficulties on their route back home. 

Net Ease News reported that many people from other provinces had been turned down from entering Shanghai’s communities, including the elderly. 

According to the newspaper, the authority’s community has rejected a 60-year-old woman entering a community in Songnan, Baoshan District, after her trip from Hebei. 

Her daughter even offered to cover the cost of a hotel room for her mother but failed. After fleeing from the security guard’s chase, her mother had no choice but to break into her own home.

Besides that, the outlet wrote that Shanghai residents must hold multiple documents whenever they leave or return to the community. There includes a 48-hour nucleic acid certificate and proofs indicating the time and venue they have spent under closed-loop management. 

They further had to conduct an antigen self-test at the community’s gate.

After the negative test result, residents can only return to their houses and are not allowed to leave for a short time. They are only allowed to go for medical treatment.

Shanghai’s nearly two months lockdown has sent residents’ lives into complete chaos. Many have been forcibly taken to quarantine zones, while several have chosen to leave the city. However, as the lockdown appears to eased, their coming-back home is even more challenging due to authorities’ stringent regulations.

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