According to China News Weekly, Shanghai Shenwei Medical Gas Co., Ltd. supplies more than 90% of the household oxygen cylinders in Shanghai.

However, due to the early detection of positive cases among employees in the filling factory, the company stopped production and suspended oxygen distribution in Puxi. The supply of domestic oxygen in Shanghai is at risk as a result.

Recently, many Shanghai residents said that they couldn’t buy oxygen cylinders for home use; and it was thus difficult to sustain their daily treatment needs.

According to the person in charge of the company, the daily demand for household oxygen cylinders in Shanghai is around 1,500 to 2,000 bottles.

As of April 11, the company was still in a shutdown state. At 2 a.m., the company’s only 1,300 10-liter household oxygen cylinders in stock were sent out, and there will be no stock available after that.

The person in charge said that he received urgent help from nine other medical institutions on the same day. The company is in communication with the authorities, hoping to send the existing medical oxygen stockpiles to these hospitals and medical units to solve their urgent needs.

The person in charge said their company has found 11 positive cases and has now completely shut down and has not yet received a notice of resumption of production.

According to the Nation Health Commission of China, on April 11, there were 23,387 new asymptomatic infections, including 22,348 in Shanghai.
Although the Chinese government continued to impose strict lockdown measures where positive cases are found, the number of new cases in a single day in Shanghai has continued to climb.

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