To tackle an increase in COVID cases, Shanghai is stepping up its COVID restrictions. Several districts this week confirmed the closure of entertainment venues including bars and theaters.

According to mainland media news, China’s financial hub reported 42 new cases on October 14, involving 10 districts.

Shanghai citizens who have experienced the two-month lockdown are worried that the previous month-long lockdown will return to the city.

A video uploaded on Youtube on October 15 shows Shanghai’s pandemic situations, with a large number of shops shutting down.

In the video, many communities were put under lockdown.

On October 15, many students from Shanghai Experimental Foreign Language School were reportedly transferred to quarantine sites in the middle of the night.

Students from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics allegedly faced the same situation. They gathered outside the school gate to prevent the bus from leaving. However, they were finally dragged away.

There is also a video showing a female student crying to the COVID prevention and control staff. She complained about the quarantine fee, saying that $70 (500 yuan) per day was too expensive. She reminded Dabai of the promised original fee of $35 per day.

0:23 We can’t afford it, it’s too expensive, we can’t afford it!

0:27 This place is not like a hotel [quarantine]

0:28 [Why do I have to pay the same price?]
0:31 You told me it costs 250 yuan a day

0:37 No air conditioner, no water

0:43 I can’t take it anymore

The girl then added that she didn’t want to violate the pandemic prevention regulations, asking them to solve her problem.

Recently, a video of COVID prevention staff delivering food supplies at the gate of a community in Changning District, Shanghai, received a wave of public ridicule and criticism from netizens.

“Did the car break down? What about the cart?”

“It’s ok for this truck to go backwards, maybe the driver goes to the toilet.”

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