Shanghai has dismissed an airport executive and a hospital director for ineffective COVID-control execution as the number of COVID-19 infected new cases repeatedly sets new records in China’s most populous city.

Shanghai’s Communist Party Disciplinary Committee announced on Thursday, April 7, that Li Shuifei was removed from his current position as the deputy party secretary and general manager of a Shanghai Airport Group Co. unit. According to the report, he failed to deal properly with a contractor who had a positive test result in late March.

Like Li, Zhou Baoguo, the director and deputy party secretary of Huangpu District Mental Health Center, was sacked due to mistakes in COVID control’s execution, resulting in infections among patients and workers. Li and Zhou were the two first officials that the communist regime punished during Shanghai’s COVID outbreak.

Despite stringent COVID-19 control policy, SCMP reported that Shanghai’s daily COVID-19 infections reached a new peak for the sixth straight day on April 7, with over 19982 cases in citywide testing.

The newspaper also reported that at least 74 officials had been sacked or reprimanded for failing to fulfill their duties during the outbreak of COVID-19 infections in March 2022.

The Associated Press reported that Shanghai had shown no sign of disposing of its strict “zero-COVID” policy, regardless of the growing public frustration and economic concerns. The city has stuck to anti-epidemic measures like lockdowns, mass testing, and compulsory isolation mandates.

Shanghai’s citizens have complained about shortages of medical staff, volunteers, and beds in the isolation wards. Lack of access to medical treatment for non-COVID-19 diseases and children being forcibly taken away from their parents for quarantine have also fueled public outrage.

As Shanghai extended its lockdown, residents were even more worried about food supplies as supermarkets remained shut and deliveries were restricted.

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