A Shanghainese June 28 released a song about how the glorious metropolis had conquered COVID-19 with the zero-COVID policy. But, of course, it was a mockery.

The song is titled “the great shanghai defense battle won” a pick-up from recent statements by the authorities about their pandemic triumph.

In the lyrics are remarks about healthcare inaccessibility for older people. Residents battling for food are treated like thieves and underground criminals. Most notably, it reminds others to close their eyes and trust the regime.

The song originally appeared on China’s twitter-like platform Weibo by the account Mrweez. But, as expected, it was quickly removed after publication. 

The song was inspired by a Shanghai authority meeting on June 25. At the conference, the city’s Party Secretary Li Qiang proudly declared Zero-Covid policy has helped the multinational hub conquer COVID-19. He said the battle to defend greater Shanghai had been won. The event also praised the regime’s approach to counter the highly infectious virus, reasserting that it was effective.

After spending all month in March battling COVID outbreaks to no avail, Shanghai plummeted into a chaotic lockdown it had tried to avoid by the end of that month. The period sent residents into a disdain that even China’s notorious censorship system cannot contain. There were countless complaints about food shortages, the behavior of pandemic personnel, and lack of healthcare access, among others. 

According to Radio Free Asia, even as the city officially proclaimed a full reopening at the beginning of June, strict restrictions, including stay-at-home orders, are still lurking around some neighborhoods. 

Mr. Huang, a local industry insider, said the pandemic never left, unlike what Secretary Li Qiang had said. He said the city has tried to ignore reporting new cases, with the real number of infections being underreported.

Furthermore, instead of a sense of relief and a reinvigorated Shanghai, there are only more divorces, more business layoffs, and higher prices.

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