Millions more people are confined to their homes in China today due to a virus outbreak, prompting fears in Shanghai that restrictions could re-emerge a month after the reopening.

According to Bloomberg, on July 6, 353 infections were reported across China on July 5. 

Following the detection of BA.5 strain, the western city of Xi’an reported 11 cases and issued orders for the closure of entertainment venues and the suspension of dine-in services at restaurants for a week. Schools will start their summer vacation early.

Locals turned to social media to voice their disappointment at the restrictions. One resident wrote on Twitter and Weibo platforms, “It’s like they’re addicted to lockdowns. What else do they even do?” Another complained, “Here we go again.” 

Jin Lei, an official from Shanghai’s culture and tourism administration, said in a briefing on Wednesday that the city is delaying the reopening of KTV, or karaoke bars, after one disobeyed a government order and is allegedly responsible for the current outbreak. The government suspects that the venue in Putuo District was illegally open.

Some Shanghai residents fear the return to draconian restrictions. 

According to information widely shared on social media, some households have received food rations. One resident wrote on WeChat that the Putuo district (in the center of Shanghai) had started food deliveries again.

In Anhui Province, in the east,  1.7 million people in two municipalities are locked in their homes as of July 5.

Agence France-Presse quoted Nomura Bank estimating that at least 114 million Chinese are currently subject to different travel restrictions, including passport cancellations. A week ago, that number was 66 million.

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