After Shanghai lifted the lockdown on June 1, the officials reported that the number of local infections was small for several days. However, residents said there are positive cases in most of Xuhui, and the current control measures are still very strict.

According to the WeChat screenshot, the pandemic outbreaks broke out in Nandan Community, Hunan Road Street, Tianlin Street, Tianlin 11 Village, Fenglin Road Street, and other streets in Xuhui. Among that, the new variant of the virus strain Ba5 appeared in the Huinan Community.

A video on the Internet shows that Xuhui District was blocked again on the 7th. Many residents fled the area with their luggage. The man in the video was unhappy and said, “just lifted the lockdown, now it’s going to be a lockdown again, many people are preparing to run away.” (video)

Mr. Deng from Xuhui District told Da Ji Yuan that many streets and communities in Xuhui District have positive cases. But only a few were reported in Shanghai. People seem skeptical about official news releases from Shanghai authorities.

Additionally, another video shows that many communities in Shanghai have started to implement epidemic prevention and control measures again on June 8. Barricades are erected in front of the community gate. Some people returned to Shanghai after learning the lockdown was lifted but couldn’t enter their homes. (video 0-0:43)

Nucleic acid testing is required for public access in many communities.

Many people in Shanghai have also questioned the accuracy of nucleic acid tests. Ms. Chen, a Shanghai resident, told Xiwang Zhisheng media outlet that there are so many acid nucleic testing sites, and most of the places are under lockdown. Chen said that one person in her neighborhood tested positive and then negative, so he asked for a review. But he was refused and taken to a quarantine site.

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