According to Vision Times, the Shanghai government has closed the residential community in Taishan Sancun village, Putuo district, although there are no known cases of Covid infection. People in this community gathered to protest against the closure order.

The newspaper cited a video on June 21 depicting a scene of crowds of people in Taishan Sancun village coming to an epidemic control station and protesting. On the other side of the fence stood several police officers.

An older man with 50 years of experience in the Communist Party said he couldn’t take it anymore and had to speak up.

He said: “Eat what? How to live? How much does it cost to buy food in groups each day?

An older woman said the price when buying in groups is very high.

The residents added that they had called 110 three times. Their residential area has no positive Covid cases but faces a lockdown order again. During the previous three months, they were also closed, and they didn’t understand why the government did it.

Two police officers on the other side of the fence pretended not to listen to the older adults, with their eyes still glued to their phones.

The old man said, “On what basis do you want to seal us? If you want to lock, lock, if you want to open, open? You can’t be so chaotic?”

Another said: “This is outrageous!”

In another Shanghai community, residents tried to break down the fence but failed.

Chinese-language media Xin Tang Ren reported that on June 21, many residents in Hanghua Village No. 1, Minhang District, Shanghai broke through the iron fence.

The security guards and the police came to prevent them but were unsuccessful.

A video depicts the tense struggle between the residents and the anti-epidemic workers. After the two sides struggled, the iron gates opened, and a few people were able to escape to the outside.

Another video shows a shortly afterward, the gate opened, and people could walk in and out freely.

However, that situation did not last long. In the evening, many dabai dressed in white entered the community to force people to return to their homes. And the community continues to be locked down.

In addition, people’s protests also exploded in other communities such as:

Wanyuan Xincheng Community June 21.

Songnan Community in Shanghai June 20.

The official website of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission reported that on June 22, there were 9 new confirmed imported cases of COVID-19 and three asymptomatic ones.

The cumulative number of infections is 63,219 in Shanghai. According to reports from Watch China, from Feb. 26 to June 22, there were with 588 deaths.

However, Vision Times also warned about the validity of the Covid data released by the Chinese government. Accurate figures are likely to be much more.

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