Shanghai Vice Mayor Chen Tong went to inspect a community in Baoshan District, Shanghai, on Tuesday, April 19. In one of the houses he visited, images taken show a lot of food in the fridge and on the table.

Questions have arisen about the scene’s authenticity and whether this was merely a photoshoot.

According to Sing Tao Daily, the photos show Chen Tong and other officials in light blue clothing and N95 masks entering a house.

In one image, the team opened the oversized fridge. It was full of food, fruit, and vegetables. Not only that, on the dining table, there is all kinds of food.

Besides the image of the food pile, many Chinese netizens commented on Chen Tong’s rather weird behavior.

The images show his hands hidden in his sleeves, with only two white sanitizing gloves touching his cuffs and no sign of hands at all.

Even when he opened the door fridge, no one could see his hands through the sleeves.

These images have aroused big doubt from many Chinese netizens.

One question is why the house Chen Tong visited had so much food while many other families in Shanghai face a food shortage crisis. Speculation arises about whether the picture is itself self-arranged. Some netizens even said that the food in the fridge was more than “my family’s New Year’s Eve.”

Other netizens ask why Chen Tong always hid his hands in his sleeves during the visit. Some are saying if these senior officials were so afraid of getting the virus, why would they be so brave to go out to do the inspection.

Shanghai has been under total lockdown for more than 20 days to fight its worst Covid outbreak ever, following its strict zero-covid policy. Many people in Shanghai are complaining about a food shortage crisis and terrible conditions in the quarantine sites.

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