Shanghai’s brutal lockdown has made public grievances worse. On May 7, a series of video clips shot in Zhuanqiao town showing people resisting violence, chasing, and beating official personnel has gone viral.

The incident took out in the Jinsheng community of Minhang district. On that day, the resident gathered in the building and started protesting. They shouted as they requested food supplies. A video showed a bunch of COVID prevention staff getting inside the building and dragging two teenagers downstairs. Meanwhile, a resident repeatedly accused the staff of law enforcement violence. After a while, the whole community rushed downstairs to save the teenager.

As more residents flocked out and started to fight, the staff in hazmat suits scattered. Some on the upper floors assisted by throwing objects.

A video shows a staff member running away from the angry residents. It can be seen from the footage that the people in hazmat suits with ‘Minhang public security’ tags.

The community where the incident occurred has been closed since March 14. Until now, it remains a closed area.

According to the Da Ji Yuan news outlet, residents of the community have begun asking for aid on Weibo since late March. They complain about the community’s messy management. They’ve been concerned that the locked residential gate might turn unsafe in case of a fire hazard. Plus, since the residents rely mainly on food deliveries, the closure prevents them from getting the food.

Residents also pointed out that the COVID prevent personnel was mostly foreigners or security guards. These people in hazmat suits usually enforce residents with violence.

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