During the last week of November, Shanghai police arrested people, blocked roads, and checked people’s mobile phones. At the same time, there is news that Shanghai will be closed for two months.

On the 29th, Peng Pai issued a press release, “News from the office of the Shanghai CDC decided to divide 26 districts in Shanghai into high-risk areas.”

On the same day, the U.S. Consulate in China also sent a message reminding everyone to prepare food for 14 days as soon as possible.

At the same time, the notice issued by the European Union and German consulates in Shanghai said to prepare food for 21 days.

The CDC in Putuo District also issued a notice on the 29th, saying that from now on, the relevant mechanisms for pandemic prevention and control during the defense of Greater Shanghai will be fully restored.

The Huangpu District Health Commission issued a notice the same day, asking residents to reserve pandemic prevention materials for at least 60 days.

Shanghai citizen Yu confirmed the information with Epoch Times China on the 29th; he said, “Some officials of government agencies have gone to the community to engage in closure and control work in the past two days. Yesterday I called a staff member of the town’s Petition and Visit Office, and the person who answered the phone said that the person I was looking for had gone to the community to engage in blockade control.”

Xiao Xu, a citizen living near Urumqi Middle Road, said, “Yesterday, I went to Urumqi Middle Road to look. A protective wall has been erected. Starting from Fuxing Road, Huaihai Middle Road, I walked north along Urumqi Road to Anfu Road. There are police and police cars standing guard at every intersection. The intersection of Anfu Road is already narrow, with many police, and the intersection is full (of police).”

Xiao Xu also said, “The police called me today and told me not to join the protest again, not to post online, and not to accept interviews from foreign reporters.”

Yu added, “…the people were forcibly banned in the name of epidemic prevention so that the people could not gather.”

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