Shanghai will reopen kindergartens and primary and secondary schools on September 1 after almost six months of COVID-19 lockdowns.

According to a Shanghai Municipal Education Commission announcement on August 14, the city will require all students and teachers to stay in Shanghai for two weeks before schools start again as early as next month. 

Each person will have to take 2 nucleic acid tests within 3 days before going back to campuses. After classes start, everyone must show daily negative test results in order to enter the campus.

Reuters reported that Shanghai suspended all schools in March before the city’s bruising two-month lockdown to stamp out its worst COVID flare-up in April and May. Not until June, did the city allow some of the high school and middle school students to return to classrooms, while the rest continued to study at home.

The outlet noted that school reopenings will benefit many residents but fears of COVID lockdowns at any time still continue as China pledges to stick with its stringent zero-COVID policy.

In a video circulated on Chinese social media Weibo on August 13, an IKEA mall in Shanghai had to shut down to stem COVID-19. Customers panicked running out of the building after hearing an announcement saying the mall was being locked down due to COVID contact tracing.

According to Bloomberg, Shanghai just added 2 new medium-risk areas on August 14 and both of them are now under lockdown.

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