Netbase reported that a Weilai company test car somehow fell from the third floor of Building 8, Shanghai Automotive Innovation Port, Antuo Road, Anting Town, Shanghai at around 17:22 on June 22.

According to Caixin, the vehicle fell to the ground on its roof. The third floor’s outer wall pillars and guardrails were scattered on the ground. 

Several people together lifted onto its left side. Then the firefighters carried out the rescue. 

Two digital cockpit testers were killed in the accident. One of them is an employee of the manufacturer, and the other was a partner employee. 

Citing Weilai Automobile’s insiders, Caixin reported that the accident vehicle is the ET7 model, the first model of NIO’s second-generation platform. NIO is a Chinese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Shanghai, specializing in designing and developing electric vehicles.

Due to the confidentiality requirement, the test was conducted at a parking lot inside the building, instead of at an external one. 

In response to the incident, NIO posted a statement on June 23. The car manufacturer claimed that the accident had nothing to do with the vehicle itself based on the initial analysis.

NIO’s post has received a backlash from netizens. They supposed that the manufacturer’s statement had come at an inappropriate time. 

Shortly after, NIO omitted one sentence from the post. That sentence rejected that there was no fault due to the car of causing the accident. 

Netbase reported that although the reason for the NIO’s car crash remains unknown, many netizens are worried about the safety of this manufacturer’s car. This is not the first time NIO has become a hot search topic about its accidents that leave deaths. The manufacturer had two consecutive car crash accidents within a month in July and August last year. 

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