China’s Zero-Covid policy continues to make people struggle. Some starving people in Shanghai have run out of food for days and are calling for help online.

Some out-of-town residents trapped in Shanghai have not received any assistance since the closure of the city. In a video, two people cooking on the street said they only drink noodle soup to satisfy their hunger.

One of them said that the Henan and Shanghai governments should let them return home as soon as possible. He said that their lives would be in danger if they continued to get stuck in Shanghai.

In another situation, trapped people on the Shanghai expressway rushed for the food being distributed through the barbed wire.

Meanwhile, forced isolation goes on.

In Baoshan district, a family of four was forced to the quarantine center. What’s concerning is that the parent was infected, but the two children weren’t. The youngest child was only three months old. Worrying that the child might get infected, the father jumped onto the desk, and stood there from the afternoon to the evening.

For those who have been enjoying little freedom from easing restrictions, the joy has come to an end. On May 6, Pudong district authorities announced that the temporary permits were canceled. All activities are now back to suspension.

A female foreigner was angry because she couldn’t go out although she had a pass. She asked if the authorities had canceled the pass.

Many foreigners are hurrying to flee China.

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