Bloomberg reported on April 14 that a recording of an 82-year-old Shanghai-based man who desperately asked a local official for medical help but failed.

The elderly man, identified by state media as Yu Wenming, says in a phone call, “I can’t stand it now. I’ve finished all my medication.” He added, “My throat hurts. My temperature is spiraling up.”

However, an official in charge of Yu’s area has rejected Yu’s plea ​​in response. He replied that he could only give Yu some traditional Chinese medicine, saying he was overloaded with similar requests. 

According to Bloomberg, WeChat users are prevented from spreading Yu’s original recording due to relevant laws and regulations violations. Furthermore, the audio copy circulating on WeChat was also inaccessible. 

Yu was among many other cases that could not receive medical support due to the city’s restrictions. Many patients have difficulty accessing medical services to support special treatment or obtaining permission to leave residential communities.

In another video posted on Twitter on April 13, a mother of a two-year-old lambasted local staff for not letting her take her child to the hospital. The incident occurred in Baoshan District, Shanghai, where the anti-epidemic personnel declined to allow the mother with a fevered child to leave for the hospital-based on the city’s COVID prevention regulations. 

The outraged mother shouted at the officials, asking if they had any humanity and why they did not serve the citizens who paid taxes to support them.

Reuters reported that Shanghai authorities issued a warning on April 13, stating that they would apply stringent punishments to anyone who broke the COVID-19 lockdown rules. 

Despite strict epidemic prevention and control measures of the Zero-Covid policy, the city reported over 27,000 coronavirus cases, a new high, on April 14. 

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