Food shortages have hit Shanghai as authorities imposed a citywide lockdown under the “zero-Covid” policy. Many residents are facing food shortages due to delays in local supply distribution.

Liu Xian, a resident of Dachang Town, Baoshan District, and seven of his colleagues have lived in a company dormitory since the lockdown. He has been under the seal of control for more than a month without receiving any relief supplies. He has not eaten for two days.

He told Chinese-language media Xin Tang Ren that his unit had given everyone a few boxes of instant noodles. However, they had run out of noodles for so long. They called for help, but the unit did not reply.

The overseas Chinese newspaper Da Ji Yuan also reported a story about Liu Shuzhen, a 91-year-old Shanghai resident, who has received “not a cent of food” amid the mass restrictions. Although local officials have assured us that they would not leave behind any living-alone elder.

Liu’s daughter still has to beg for help, saying, “We are able to afford the old mother, but now nothing can be sent to her [from us] under traffic control and delivery bans.” She added that her family could not contact Shanghai’s 12345, a 24-hour government-run public service hotline.

The city carried out a new round of mass COVID testing on April 6. Under current Shanghai’s anti- COVID controls, which confine most of its 25 million people to their homes, the public grievance grows stronger. Many have recently been struggling to access food and medical supplies.

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