Just a few days after Shanghai was “unlocked,” part of the city has been closed again. The Shanghai government also announced the implementation of simultaneous mass testing for eight districts representing nearly half of the city.

As Chinese media Xin Tang Ren reported, the local authorities announced the Shanghai districts of New Pudong, Huangpu, Jing’an, Xuhui, Hongkou, Baoshan, Minhang, Song Giang, and others would conduct nucleic acid testing for all residents on June 11.

Other districts are implementing different testing requirements.  

A typical example is the Jixiang district. The Jixiang District Committee issued a notice on June 10 requesting nucleic acid testing for people for 3 consecutive days (June 11, 12, and 13).

In Jiuting district, the local government issued a notice requiring PCR testing at least once a week.

News of the large-scale nucleic acid tests caused panic among the Shanghai population, and panic buying spiked in supermarkets.

Chinese-language edition of Sound Of Hope said there was an outbreak of panic buying in supermarkets in Shanghai. Some residents even competed to get food.

A video taken by a netizen depicts a packed butcher shop. Some people carry a half-pig on their shoulders, and several other half-pigs fill up in the street.

Supermarket shelves (video 0:25) are as clean as they were in March. Each resident tries to fill their shopping cart with food.

Another video depicts two men fighting over food. The quarrel quickly turns into a battlefield and both rush and fight in front of the crowd.

Sound Of Hope also quoted Zhou, who lives in the Minhang district, as saying that although Shanghai eased restrictions on June 1, he will not stop hoarding supplies for fear of being locked down again. He said it was only a matter of time before the virus returned.

Zhou said, “In a way, it feels like we’re back in March.”

Chinese-language media Xin Tang Ren quoted some Shanghai residents as follows:

“Basically, it’s a state where all the food is sold out. Will it close again? No way.”

“How’s it going? I saw a few supermarkets today, and they all look like this.”

“This Shanghai has become like this, everyone is fighting to eat.”

Secret China also quoted some people:

“Brothers, I just started working for 8 days.”

“If we don’t go to work for 3 months, what do we ordinary people eat!”

“This is not a fight against the epidemic, but a political struggle. All officials follow the above political struggle and act according to the honor of the boss that they think must be obeyed, so they become confused. this.”

“Closing all the shops on the street, banning sellers and exhibitors, the only way to buy is by force buying in a hypermarket designated or authorized by the party, so that officials and corporations can continue to make money and share the spoils with each other.”

“It’s not a scary virus, it’s a great policy that the world looks down on.”

“People are panicking, how can you survive this day?”

A large number of residents have left their communities.

A video taken by residents shows people trying to flee, carrying a large amount of luggage.

There is also a man who also videotaped himself (0:16) and described his trip out of Shanghai. His means of transport is a motorbike, with a mattress and pillow fastened. Others do it the same way. They also spread cardboard sheets on the ground to create a place to sleep.

Besides, the latest record shows that a protest has taken place.

A video posted by netizens on June 10 shows Shanghai residents gathering at the county government’s gate to protest while chanting, “Prefecture! Come out!”. 

Another resident also filmed the scene and left a description: “Some residents of Shanghai gathered at the gate of the Xuhui district government to protest, and the residents called for the ‘district mayor.”

The reasons for the protests and their demands are still unknown.

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