Shanghai authorities have planned to ease city-wide restrictions and return to normal life from June 1. However, a video of a resident household in Pudong district on May 26 has raised questions about the authorities’ announcement.

The video shows a heated argument between the COVID prevention staff and the residents. The staff informed a couple about the upcoming isolation because there were many COVID-infected cases in the building. However, the residents said they’re not close-contact cases and demand to self-isolate at home.

The staff claimed that they came from the local pandemic prevention department. But when being asked to show their working ID, the group refused to.

The male resident asked them how many infected cases there were in the building. The staff replied that the residents didn’t need to care about that. The group said the CDC had classified Pudong district as a closed area. Since the building has COVID-positive cases, the whole residents in the community have become close-contact cases. Therefore, all residents must be sent to quarantine hotels.

But the couple staying inside the house said they’re not close-contact cases. They demanded the staff explain the definition of being so-called ‘close contact’ with the infected people. One staff replied, “I told you, a close contact is a close contact.”

The female residents said that it’s not the correct definition. She said she was a medical staff with 20 years of experience. She worked at Shanghai Dongfang hospital. She cited the Shanghai health commission, saying the regulations had clearly defined what ‘close contact’ and ‘sub-close contact’ were. The couple argued that if the staff could not explain what close contact cases were, the couple would not cooperate.

Although the pandemic staff failed to show any official announcement from the CDC, they insisted on asking the residents to go for quarantine at the hotel. The residents replied, “We do not accept verbal notifications.”

When asked about their names, the staff refused to say. The team then accused the couple of violating state law and mentioned the police. However, the residents said they’re not breaking the law. The female resident argued that her family would comply with the order if only the staff could show the official written announcement from the CDC requiring residents to go to a quarantined hotel. The woman said, “You’re from the local CDC. It’s been two months. You can’t even define a close connection and a sub-close connection. What right do you claim you’re from the CDC?”

The staff then replied that they’re not from CDC. The male resident said, “Did you just say you’re with the local CDC? You said that earlier, right? I have all the video and recordings.”

The female reiterated that her family would not accept verbal announcements, saying that official notices should come in writing forms with an official seal.

Later, the staff admitted that they were from the Lujiazui Prevention and Control Office. They came to inform people about the isolation. The female resident responded, “Didn’t you threaten people just now, asking firefighters and the fire department to come to the door.” She said, “You informed me, then I’ll tell you that I won’t go.”

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