On November 11, a Shanghai citizen called the authorities to reflect that the current situation of Shanghai’s health checks violates the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases. During the call, he also recommended that the health system leaders “have a mental health check-up” and present the mental health certificate within 48 hours. A recording of the call went viral online. A Weibo user said: “It should be promoted not only in Shanghai but across the country.”

On November 11, a netizen who calls himself “Jacobson” tweeted: “Question from a (Chinese) citizen: Should the leaders of the National Health Commission present a mental health certificate within 48 hours before work or not? What if they already have mental issues without symptoms?”

The content of the audio recording attached to the tweet is as follows:

The man from the authorities who answered the phone said: “Are you talking about the previous nucleic acid testing for residential areas and primary schools? “Do you think that is unreasonable?”.

The Shanghai citizen replied, “The so-called early detection, early reporting and early isolation, the so-called health checks, are all violations of the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases. Objects of epidemic prevention and control can only be sick people, people suspected of being infected, people in close contact with patients. What is the use of nucleic acid testing and health checks for healthy people? This logic is ridiculous! With this logic, then all the leaders of both Shanghai and the health system should have a mental health check up, right?”

The resident continued: “Firstly, because the mentally ill person is not suitable to be a leader. His role and way of working are unusual and unreliable; he will bring disaster to the city’s people.

“Secondly, every health system leader can suffer from mental illness; they are all potentially mentally unwell. Thirdly, to ensure the health of the city’s people, if based on the principles of early detection, early reporting, and early treatment, each leader in the health system must conduct a mental health check and must have a mental health certificate within 48 hours of work, only by doing so can we rest assured.

“It’s all about following their logic, then having them mentally tested to see if they can find their ridiculousness or ignorance.”

Finally, the resident emphasized: “Firstly, you are violating (the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases). Secondly, your logic is ridiculous and absurd!” Finally, the man who answered the phone said he would record feedback on the matter.

The Vision Times quoted some Weibo netizens saying:

“It really makes sense! We support the idea that every leader of the Health Commission is to have a mental health check-up within 48 hours of working;.”

“I don’t know if the leaders will respond or not. How should this group of potential mentally ill people be handled?;”

“It should be promoted not only in Shanghai but nationwide;.”

“Need to check twice a day, if they happen to have an episode during the working hour, they will not be responsible for their people!.”

“Mental illness is not contagious, but the policies put in place by mental illness are communicable;.”

“We should not only test their mental health but whether they are spies;.”

“I also recommend that all leaders get checked for mental illness within 48 hours;.”

“They are not mentally ill with no symptoms, but obvious symptoms!”

Recently, the number of new positive cases in Shanghai has increased steadily every day. According to Beijing News, on November 6, two new positive cases were detected locally, three new cases on the 7th, four new cases on the 8th, four new cases on the 9th, and four new cases on the 10th. In almost five consecutive days, Shanghai has had 17 new cases. As of 4 p.m. on November 11, there are 10 medium-risk and seven low-risk areas in Shanghai.

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