Shanghai officials recently required residents to take at least one nucleic acid test within seven days. Those who do not comply will receive a yellow health code. Some citizens criticized this order.

Feng Zhenghu, a well-known human rights activist in Shanghai, said that he opposed Shanghai’s order that those who do not have a nucleic acid test record within seven days are assigned a yellow code. He called the order illegal.

He further stated that if administrative regulations and measures infringe citizens’ rights, the perpetrators of the violations may be held accountable. In addition, he added that the state might be forced to pay compensation.

Ms. Wang from Jing’an district told Chinese media Da Ji Yuan that when she checked her health code, there was a notice saying, “No nucleic acid test results within 14 days.” She added that their health codes remained green even though her friends had not conducted COVID-19 tests. Ms. Wang said that the government tries to intimidate people.

Shanghai’s health authority issued the latest notice on nucleic acid testing on June 11.

First, the normalized free testing service of nucleic acid testing points in Shanghai has been extended to the end of July 2022.

Second, from the time the notice was issued until July 31, citizens should conduct nucleic acid tests at least once a week. If citizens have no nucleic acid test records within seven days, their health code will be turned into a yellow code.

Except for going out for COVID tests or to hospitals, those with a yellow health code are required to stay at home. 

Third, people who refuse to participate in nucleic acid tests and cause the spread of the epidemic will be investigated.

The Chinese commercial hub of Shanghai carried out COVID-19 large-scale testing last week.

Following government notice, residents in most districts will be confined to their houses until the testing in their neighborhoods is done.

Worried that the city would be closed again, many Shanghai residents rushed to supermarkets for food supplies and other necessities.

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