As of May 1st, Shanghai has been sealed off for 45 days without food. As Chinese language media, Da Ji Yuan reported, the tension peaked when a crowd rushed out of their homes to the street and surrounded the police who came to suppress them in groups.

In a widely shared video on Twitter, a person says, “It’s not fair, we can live with it, we can live with it, but they can’t just trample us to death like bugs.”

The Chinese News responded to the video, saying that Shanghai is ruined.

As reported by the Chinese News, Shanghai is suffering from structural collapse with foreign investment outflows and unemployment. As a result, residents’ lives are also unsettled.

According to Chinese News, the wave of unemployment begins immediately once the foreign capital is gone. The structure collapsed, and many people from other places were evacuated.

In the bigger picture, they added that the grass on the Bund would continue to grow wildly, and Nanjing Road would no longer be crowded. Desolation, ruinous desolation—it takes just one month to abolish a metropolis.

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