According to a reporter, several residents in Weifang No. 2 Village, No. 1533 Pudong South Road, Pudong New District, have recently asked for help to quell the blaring noise from the anti-pandemic loudspeakers near their buildings.

A reporter said the high pitched female voice was too loud and harsh. The voice reminder, “Please scan the venue code when entering the door,” is played in a loop. The high temperatures and heat are making people irritable and this is just adding to it. People passing by, cover their ears and hurry to leave.

Shen, a Weifang resident, told a reporter that the neighborhood committee installed the loudspeaker. In June, the voice was very loud, and there was hardly a minute’s pause before it started again.

People in residential buildings are most affected. Although the windows of the apartments are closed, the message is so loud it still penetrates into the buildings.

Residents were very bitter in an interview commenting that office people get a respite from the noise when they go to work. The elderly and children can only stay at home and suffer. The noise grates on their nerves and they feel like they are going to have a nervous breakdown.

A resident said, “An old man was woken up early in the morning, but even in the middle of the night he was feeling the effects of the loudspeaker! The old man can’t get restful sleep, and the little girl can’t read well…”

Because of this blaring disruptive noise, the residents approached the neighborhood committee, hoping to get the volume turned down or replace it with signs. However, the situation did not improve.

The reporter of Xinmin Evening News helped people by getting in touch with the Weifang Second Village Neighborhood Committee. It was then that the speaker volume was turned down. However, many people still expressed concern about whether this solution is just temporary.

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