A new source of public contentment in Shanghai has emerged recently. This time, it is about the amount of undistributed food supply.

According to online footage that circulated on April 30, residents from several communities in Baoshan District found boxes of fruits and vegetables stored up by the local committee.

The problem was, they were left to waste. Some started rotting, instead of being distributed to locals who were struggling with food supply and hiking costs.

According to one of the videos, the food was donated from Yunnan province. But residents will not be able to access them.

People also caught officials silently transporting black bags of fresh vegetables and fruits away under the guise of garbage. In an online clip about this event, the subtitles said that the local committees did so after the public discovered the load of undistributed supplies.

The details of these instances are yet to be verified.

At least, a person has confirmed with Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan that residents found rotten food resources stacked up by the local committee. He reminded that Shanghainese have been grappling with food shortages during the lockdown and must rely on group purchases. And generally, they have to pay double the prices for the resources.

A woman from Zhangmiao Street suspected that the local committee and group buying suppliers may have colluded together. The rotten food may have been the remainders of those that were sold at high costs.

In one instance, a significant load of apples were captured stuffed in dustbins, some still appearing fresh.

On another occasion, residents also discovered a large amount of food loads piled up by the local neighborhood committee in Yangpu District. Da Ji Yuan reported that similar situation also happened in Xuhui District.

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