Since the Covid 19 epidemic outbreak from the end of March until now, the Shanghai government has conducted inappropriate control methods, making the residents increasingly angry.

Although the epidemic situation is not too risky, the prevention measures imposed by the Shanghai government are exceptionally extreme and inappropriate.

Some pictures and videos circulating on the Internet show that they set up iron fences of about 2m high on both sides of Yongkang Road in the blocked area, including on the doors of people’s houses, or even locked the iron doors with screws.

In Xuhui (徐汇) District, they sealed a house by welding barbed wire for 7 days for those who tested positive. Buildings where at least one person is Covid positive, are designated as “sealed areas” and fenced off, as Reuters reported.

According to the official announcement, isolated areas and buildings will have 24-hour security forces.

Zhang, a resident of Shanghai’s Xuhui district, told Da Ji Yuan on April 24 that the Shanghai government’s approach was completely illegal.

No law states that innocent people should be locked up in such a food shortage.

Wang, another resident of Shanghai, also told Da Ji Yuan that he believes that the Shanghai government cannot control the epidemic, so it started to lock people up, let them starve, so that the virus will disappear.

Wang added that the government’s tactics had aroused public anger.

Another netizen said: “At first, you think it just restricts your freedom, but in the end, you know it wants your life!”

Some netizens were also upset and commented: ‘People don’t commit crimes or break the law. This is a prison, a crime against humanity.’

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