Recently, it has been revealed that there are a large number of false-positive results in the nucleic acid testing conducted by Shanghai ZhongKe Runda Laboratory (Zhongke Lab).

The two most affected streets in Huangpu District, BanSongYuan and Wuliqiao were tested by this company.

According to Sina, a letter of appeal from Wuliquiao Street residents was circulated on May 9. The letter indicates that on May 6, some residents went downstairs to take the daily nucleic acid test without knowing the test results of the previous day, which Zhongke Lab had tested. While they all tested negative in a later test, the Lab’s results showed the opposite.

Shanghai residents also questioned the accuracy of the nucleic acid test results.

Gao, a Shanghai citizen, said her neighborhood had been closed for more than one month, but she was declared positive without leaving home. She added that they would make money by doing nucleic acid testing, and they just let people do it every day, two or three times a day.

Some residents even demanded that Zhongke Lab be replaced for the detection of Covid on Wuliquiao Street.

On May 11, Runda Medical announced in response to the situation,

It says that Zhongke Lab is a wholly-owned company of Shanghai Zhongke Runda Precision Medical Testing Co., Ltd.—a Runda Medical subsidiary, which holds more than 48% of its shares. The Lab conducts tests in strict accordance with the standard procedures on a daily basis.

The company has requested the China Science and Technology Laboratory to investigate the situation.

Sina reported that Runda Medical had two violation records. In August 2018 and May 2021, the company faced problems in the special equipment/daily inspection and then was asked to rectify by supervision authorities.

Liu Yang, a partner lawyer of Beijing Deheng Law Firm, said that according to the existing materials, the reasons and motives for the ‘false positive’ reports issued by the institutions involved are unknown. Interest-driven and super-powerful contracting of business, and subjectively with apparent intentions, could be a criminal offense.

On May 10, the stock price of Runda Medical dropped by 3.96% to 11.63 yuan (1.73 dollars).

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