According to Business Insider, as of April 8, Chinese online users complained that the hashtag search, which stands for “buying groceries in Shanghai,” was giving no results on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter platform.

In addition, multiple unverified videos leaked on Twitter and were later eliminated from Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo and WeChat. These clips showed residents protesting and stealing food from supermarkets.

Most of the hashtags about food shortage issues that Shanghai residents face under the strict community lockdown due to the COVID outbreak disappear.

According to The Print, posts complaining about the topic were also removed. The censors share positive stories and try to viralize positive hashtags to minimize people’s outrage.

Carlyle, a well-known media personality with over 1.96 million followers, was censored too. He wrote on Sina Weibo, “I just bought some supplies. I can’t stand this video, someone hit pregnant women in Songjiang Jiuting Community. The collective protest. The neighbor next door has been diagnosed for two days and has not been transported for treatment. What happened to you, Shanghai!”

Another Weibo user also said, “In Jiuting, Songjiang, Shanghai, many people gathered and shouted in unison: “Send materials, send materials, send materials,” hoping to get much-needed food, vegetables, and other materials. The order at the scene is quite chaotic. Hope the epidemic will pass soon.”

During the city’s lockdown, Shanghai’s ordinary residents are not the only ones experiencing shortages of basic supplies; billionaires appear to be no exception.

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