On May 20, the Jingcheng Second Residential Committee announced that a resident named Wen Mou had attacked Zhang Mou, the residential committee secretary. The incident happened after the resident sought permission to go outside for medical treatment. The resident suddenly attacked the official at his neck with a knife.

When police arrived at the scene, the resident had already injured himself and jumped off the third floor. At present, both are in normal health conditions.

A video shows 60-year-old Wen Mou lying on the ground after jumping off a building covered in blood.

A nearby neighbor told Da Ji Yuan reporter on the same day that the older woman of Wen’s family was sick and needed to go to the hospital. The secretary would not let them go out and told him to call the medical instead. The resident was unwilling to. Before the incident, the two had argued about this matter, but there were no results. However, this time the resident brought along a knife. He ran away right after attacking the secretary.

The resident also said no infected case was found in the neighbor previously. However, on the 24th day of closure, the community had 5 Covid-positive cases. The community has stayed sealed off until now. The residents have reached their limit.

The incident has caused heated discussion among mainland netizens. Most of them said that people should look at the reason instead of the result.

One netizen explained that ordinary individuals locked up for a long time would have mental health concerns. They’re sensitive and unstable, and even a tiny spark may set them off.

Another person commented that he would assume it was the perpetrator’s fault when he first heard the news. After learning that this person has been under lockdown for two months, then the upper cadres are to blame. Shanghai residents have shown the most incredible forbearance for the past two months.

A netizen said that the community residents have to see a doctor, but the residential committee would not let anyone do that. They tell the citizens to contact medical staff instead. Amid the strict closure of Shanghai, the medical team might take hours to come. The residential committee was the one who made trouble. If authorities keep the city closed, there will be more crazy people.

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