Shanghai announced that it would resume business and market in phases starting from Monday May 16. On the same day, the official media posted several pictures of the abundance of food in Shanghai supermarkets, but residents immediately reported them as “the government is talking nonsense,” and the relevant images have since been removed.

On the other hand, some citizens posted complaints about the chaos in the local supermarket and were punished by the Shanghai police for spreading rumors. Shanghai residents reported that there is still a shortage of supplies in the local area. In addition, after the blockade was eased slightly, Shanghai people fled the local area.

One may expect supermarkets to be crowded with customers as residents have been fighting for supplies during the closure. The staff greeted their first visitors at Hema Fresh supermarket with a welcoming wave. Over the following days, the number of shoppers that entered the supermarket could not surpass ten people at one time.

Radio Free Asia reported on May 16 that there had been inconsistencies between how state media described successful reopening and the reality.

Mr. Zhou, a resident of Shanghai’s Xuhui District, complained that the community where he lives was still closed, and he could not buy daily necessities even if he went out.

Some managed to go out and buy some groceries with a green pass. But as they returned, one more step needed to be fulfilled. The items have to be sprayed with disinfectant before it is finally returned to them… via a garbage truck.

On May 17, a video allegedly filmed in Longbai Xincun Community, Minhang District, went viral. It features a group of residents marching with trumpets and fireworks, with signs celebrating the reopening. Until a man interrupted and rebutted that everything had been staged and the lockdown was still in place.

Shanghai said it had resumed public transport, but where are the commuters?

According to an unverified document on the internet, part of the reasons residents would not leave their homes were because of arbitrary demands from the local community committee.

The title uses the words “Extraordinary Good News.” It said that residents are allowed out for 60 minutes only, and if they violate the limit, they will be disqualified from going out.

In an additional notice, the cadres of the neighborhood committee would draw lots of whom to be allowed out. However, they could only spend 300 yuan (45 dollars).

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